Whats my opinion: An Artist Masterpiece.

I’m here to explain about concept art, a very important process as it is the beginning of any idea. It strongly implies that the idea is visually possible to imagine and create just as characters are visually imagined by J.K Rowling.

My choice of concept art is from Bioware’s art director for dragon age inquisition Matthew Goldman, his work in my opinion shows immediate structure of his art and in addition; How he tells the story in his pieces.

Bioware’s Art Director ‘Matt Goldman’



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Synoptic Update – New Title = Solid Story

Now I usually come across a project and have a somewhat idea of what I’m doing in terms of story, character, environment and timeline…

But this has not been the case.

Because the story would have been harder to take in if the way my two characters had just met the way they did with no meaning or solid moral at the end, so I had to find a creative way to introduce the ‘What If?’ meaning and this is how I did it.

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Analysis of video game design: Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity

Ahh the good old days of our favourite Bandicoot whom goes by the name of Crash and the evil nemisis, Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot, released in 2004 by Activision and carried on by many developers over the years such as Travelers Tales who were founded in 24 Jan 2005 · Knutsford, England & Naughty Dog. The development is quite simplistic, but the overall art style overcoats the simplistic mechanics` to make everything look amazing. On a lighter note, the game was designed with the PlayStations dual stick functions. this made the games movement a lot controls easier and add an additional movement to the camera giving the player the best perspective and a way to control what they see.

Twinsanity introduced to the players to what it was like to roam around an environment alongside interacting with external assets, platform puzzles and gather hidden collectables.

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I will agree that in comparison to games nowadays, the graphic capability was pretty mediocre but still aesthetically pleasing. overall, crash bandicoot still makes its way through the years adding ever so slightly to the franchise with amazing games alongside the re-master which is set to release later in 2017.

Analysis of Video game design…

Mario Galaxy

When it came to multi platforms, unique puzzles and basically the most beautiful looking aesthetics which a game can offer. Mario galaxy never ceases to step up to the mark…

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Review: HTC VIVE

Breathtaking, unbelievable… awesome.

A few of the many words which describes HTC’s recent step towards the VR (Virtual Reality) future alongside other tech giants. I have tried both PlayStation VR and the HTC vive and could place them both in comparison but this review is mainly towards the Vive itself.

Firstly as I placed the headset on my head, I found that the 2160 x 1200 pixel resolution had amazed me also considering I didn’t need to re adjust to sharpen the graphics. And that is impressive to a person like myself who wears glasses, because it feels like I am not limited to what I can see and what I can do with the Vive. This is amazing compared to other who need re-adjustments to make the display clear to their eyes.

Moving on to the performance.

The the HTC Vive has a state of the art tracking system thanks to the two ‘Lighthouse Base stations’ which shoot out IR lasers to pick up your every movement. As I was playing an archery game with ‘VR Labs’ the tracking was so good that I felt free to move without any hesitation to move about my surroundings. There was a moment when I saw the actual labs, my eye caught one of the robotic dogs where at this point I couldn’t resist but kneel down as experience this encounter up close. This is what I love for the future of gaming.

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Last night I was trying to find a film to watch whilst I was chilling and having a snack. As I looked through the list of movies, my eye caught Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ I immediately thought that this should be good as Finding Nemo was a dear childhood memory and my first ever 3D animation movie alongside Monsters Inc.

Yet again, another top-notch movie by Pixar!

As the movie began, I saw the whole meaning of the movie unfold. An introduction to Dory’s parents show that Dory is not just any fish which appeared in Finding Nemo. Instead Dory is a very peculiar fish with a memoir and she is someone who has been brought down, shut out from her life and social interaction with other fish due to her ‘short term memory’. And throughout the beginning, I was intrigued by the small hints which surround her, sparking her memory and rebuilding what she set out to initially find.

Later on, I found shots of the movie which I can strongly connect to Finding Nemo, such as the shipwreck scene, seeing this made me infer that Pixar must have had thought about what fans could recollect and relate to predecessor Finding Nemo. The meeting in between protagonists and the menacing octopus left behind means if communication where as Bruce was more chatty and had more tied up personality when you’re supposed to see a shark as a killer without mercy. My point is that I saw a moment of flash back with the octopus scene even though both movies show different build-ups and different threats towards the moment of each scene.

Finally, throughout the movie. Alongside all the familiar faces of Mr. Ray, Marlin and Nemo. We have the new fresh set of new faces of Hank, Destiny, Bailey, Charlie and Jenny. I loved this idea as it created more story within the movie and more connection between characters, furthermore. I enjoyed the many different personalities which had been implemented by the writers to give a wider range of emotions over all character that I think keeps the movie interesting and engaging.

And to conclude … this movie is brilliantly set out to succeed its predecessor and can also enrich and introduce a new generation to follow through with Pixars legacy of moviemaking and story telling.