Renders & blending with surroundings.

This blog is completely committed on how to make an asset blend in with a surrounding environment, Substance painter has the ability to not only have the power to support PBR shaders. But also you can insert an environment for the asset to be placed inside so the light can be an influence on the materials thus enhancing the realism.


This rendered scene shows my toaster model placed within an environment that slightly fits in, if it were a hotel room…

Anyway, I’m here to explain how the use of  I-Ray renderer to further enhance a scene to blend in with the object you’re making adding to the realism thus making it more aesthetically presentable.

Lets start with composition…

What do you want to show, what story do you want to tell; or do you just want to check a section of material to see how it interacts with the environment around it.

Getting an extreme close up of an object can really bring out the amount of detail within the crevasses. Baking helps with this as it takes the position, from the unwrapped UV’s and uses the Shells position and its edges to create an in built mask for substance to take advantage of.


Post processing

This is big, as Post-processing allows the creator to add lighting adjustments to a scene to make sure that the asset ‘Blends in with the scene’ hence the blog title.


My pipeline of working on 3D models…

Coming to the last year of college I have come to think about how far ive came in terms of 3D modeling, from my first ever 3D barrel to an entire game filled with clusters of assets and they all in themselves help me progress further in my specialisation.

Over the past two months of making assets, my modeling development pipeline has become ever more structed in what application I carry my asset over to for further texture or modeling altercations.

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Making ends meet

I am contributing this entire blog towards the creation of the 3D interactive menu for my imagine worlds project.

And the reason for this is because of what I figured out throughout the development stage of the buttons. I couldn’t understand that my imported graphics would not show at a full resolution. Instead was pixlated and fuzzy, therefore I had to seek out an alternate solution to make this menu.

‘What about 3D?’

So I looked into making 3D buttons where the materials will not bring down the resolution of the button graphics. Coming across a video that explained clearly how to achieve this but there was a brick wall ahead…

Although I though…

Going back a few steps, the unity forums held the answer ‘Can JavaScript & C# be used in the same scene’

JavaScript for Menu Button functionality

#pragma script

car QuitButton : boolean = false;

function OnMouseUp ()


if(QuitButton) {

Application.Quit ();




Application.LoadLevel (“DWU_4.7”);



So after writing this script, it was applied to the 3D planes mimicking the buttons, and classified them as play, credits & quit buttons. To make them therefore work in connection with the Button script.

The image below gives a visual representation of what I’m trying to achieve by doing this…



Next was the animation, and this was quite familiar as the timeline keying features were like them of Maya. It was just a method of selecting the object you intend on animating, then to the animation box and moving the object into place to therefore build the animation. This is how I completed the animation for the menu transitions.

Menu Animation


Imagine Worlds project Update

This is an overall summary of the past 8 weeks, versions have been made with improvement to; character interaction, Sound and obviously graphics.

My biggest struggles throughout the project has been the programming; on the bright side, I have been trying to grasp the more common features of programming by looking through YouTube videos, Unity script references and even my own written code and seeing if there is any similarity between what I have done and trying to do.

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