Synoptic Update – New Title = Solid Story

Now I usually come across a project and have a somewhat idea of what I’m doing in terms of story, character, environment and timeline…

But this has not been the case.

Because the story would have been harder to take in if the way my two characters had just met the way they did with no meaning or solid moral at the end, so I had to find a creative way to introduce the ‘What If?’ meaning and this is how I did it.

Now for a bit of back story on how I got the idea…

The YouTuber ‘Thoughty2’ had released a video called “The Butterfly effect”, it was the idea that whatever you choose to do or accidentally do can affect your further future. He went on to use Alexander Fleming’s creation of penicillin to explain its effect, I won’t explain it in words I will however leave and recommend to watch the exact video below to give you some clarification on this ‘Butterfly Effect’ and why it interests me …

Now Thoughty2 generalised that the butterfly effect A.k.a Chaos theory affects us all massively through situation or moral choices. And this will be applied to my project; the idea that if you see someone, your future can change dependant on what path you take or what happens around you and most of all how it affects those who witness it.

Hence the title…


Pixar has a very good way of showing this in its animated hit ‘Up’ the movie opens with a couple of kids willing to explore and grow to become husband and wife… until the wife has been taken by and illness hence the change in another life forever. Pixar hit the emotions hard (many tears were shed) with this but also made us ‘the audience’ feel all sorts of emotions such as thought, worry, confidence & happiness.

Earlier Synoptic blog (What If?)


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