2D Game design – Basics

During the course, we have started making 2-D games, flash and pixel based games. like the first project we had an idea in mind, to make a flash game. later on we got the opportunity to start making a pixel based game. First we made a character which would therefore have an effect on the creation of the room.

Obviously we couldn’t just make a character and a room out of nothing, so therefore we were taught how to make pixel based sprites for whatever we were going to be applying this to. Getting to this first we had to use Adobe flash CC 2014 (Action script 3.0) and set our images to be 20×20 pixels if we were doing the character, and I think 200×200 pixels if we were creating the room.

The best thing to do when creating the room is to bring up a reference, this will make it easier for you to start creating the basics of whatever that room may hold. For example, this Formula 1 garage that I created had to have a car, tires, monitors and other needs for a formula 1 driTeam Racing roomver. Lotus-GarageCharacter


Games Design My experience

Wed, 16th September 2015 Two weeks have passed since I have joined the games course at Sunderland college, and to be completely honest I realized then that there is nothing else in this college that I am more suited to. I have developed skills in all areas that are required if I was to acquire a career in the games industry, one of these skills that I have specifically improved on is graphics and character design. Off course I can also see how this course can be hard going for the average Joe, but for someone who is as you would say ‘tech-savvy’ is on the course, they  are more likely to pass with flying colors. The week started with thinking of a game idea, my idea was an adventure with two friends looking for a hidden evil in the world. alongside a collection of tasks in-game. After working on my game idea, me and four others joined up and all voted on the best game idea. The best game idea was therefore made in the duration of 1 week. we named our group TYPICAL GEEK STUDIOS. And we stared to working on our new project named ‘Rocket bunnyRocket Bunny‘. The aim of the game is to escape your enemy ‘Vince the fox’. And is a cell shaded cartoon style game to the well-trained eye. the start of the game development process consisted of multiple tasks such as what is going to be developed first which were either the characters, assets or background design. At the end of the week, there was a playable demo which had one bug, but we didn’t let that get the best of us. The work atmosphere was promising due to the fact that everyone had that interest for video games and the news that revolves around them. This gave me a comfortable introduction to the course, yet again… how much do you get to talk about video games to help with work?. Overall these past two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end I have never had so much fun doing what I love which is collaborating with other gamers to make games.