Imagine Worlds project Update

This is an overall summary of the past 8 weeks, versions have been made with improvement to; character interaction, Sound and obviously graphics.

My biggest struggles throughout the project has been the programming; on the bright side, I have been trying to grasp the more common features of programming by looking through YouTube videos, Unity script references and even my own written code and seeing if there is any similarity between what I have done and trying to do.

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2D Solo game Week 1

Further venturing through the paths of game design and coding my way through the basics of my top down stealth game.

I start by creating my assets first, such as a protagonist ‘main character’, walls, enemy, a backdrop for my game, all I need now is a goal and I can reach further development. I create my assets all on Adobe Photoshop. By using the brush tool and tampering with the brush settings, I can give out better fake lights on the assets giving out a 3 Dimensional look without altering the lighting of the scene nor the renderer.

Brush settings tool

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Beginning my development on Unity, I made the mistake by selecting the game to be a 3D game, I had to therefore change the camera to ‘orthographic’ so of can therefore render the sprite images all together.

To conclude this blog I have also considered having a feature where the player must collect a specific object to therefore pass except the first stage which the player should be able to get to grips with the controls and the environment around him/her.


This piece of code is for a projectiles script which in simpler terms means ‘When shooting each bullet has two seconds until it is dead’, sounds odd… Bullets don’t die, but it does cease to exist after leaving the screen from source  within two seconds.

2D Maze Game, 3D Ship Model & Presentation

It’s the first week into my course at Next Gen and I have to say that competition between pupils are very high. For this blog, we were told to go into detail about what we had done and achieved during our development on a 2D Maze Game and also to give judgement upon our final product.

First of all, the Maze Game. It was a complicated process to get going due to the two different versions of flash we were using at the time for development which, were ‘Adobe Flash CC professional & Adobe Animate‘. After minor complications had been resolved, we had exported our asset libraries to prevent the need to redo all of that hard work again; a very efficient tool when you know it’s there. For now, I want to make a lot more changes and to also change the game into something which can be interpreted by everyone the same way and which can communicate the same enjoyment which I want to send out. I have a few weeks left and an urge to be the best of my ability like I was Level 2.captureCapture2 level.JPG


Moving on to 3D modelling, a very familiar aspect of my work which is currently revolving around creating a spaceship. And a way better one that we initially built for our final 3D assignment in Level 2, I started with a basic Cube polygon; extruded & elongated to expand upon on either face to therefore create the basic shape of the ship. I then proceeded to extrude further and later on create the more detailed shape of the ship. To do this I use the Tri/Quadrangulate tool to therefore add a smoother edge to the wings.

The Lucasfilm presentation was the second project which I put the most time and effort into, I researched many aspects but could only choose a few points due to the presentation only needing to be 2:45 – 3 minutes long. When I finished and was ready to present there wasa a huge problem… Microsoft PowerPoint would not go full screen on the right monitor therefore the music would not give out that nice calming atmosphere which i wanted. When I finally came to reading my results, I followed up on the fact of having to much text on the screen but besides that; I got the overall results alongside the best presentations. so not a bad start at all.