Winter break Overview

It has probably’s been about 3 weeks since my last published article on my progress; I’ve taken that time to enjoy my Christmas and new years… But it’s not all been kicking my feet up and relaxing.

over the course of the winter break I promised myself that I would make a quick Platform which I can either show off or play in my spare time. shamefully the videos that I watched must not have had the same code that i applied because the simulation that i ran came back with errors this therefor meant that changes had to be made… I asked my dad who codes online applications to go through my code but he said that there shouldn’t be anything wrong, I looked up other videos but at the end my choice was to try another type of game type.

Asteroids… i looked up another video on how to create an Asteroid style game play then create the anesthetics from there, yet again the coding was right; but the game was still filled with errors of how there was nothing defined or assigned. As much as the coding side of the development was really hard; i thought that creating the characters would be a lot more creative,fun and easy.

Now back at college got there early at about 7 a.m on a Monday, slightly hungry but just had the thought of learning something new on Maya, i started by learning Height maps, this required a plain Polygon Model with scale translation’s of 100 x 100 then applying 300 x 300 Sub-divisions to increase the quality of the height map, because i was on a MAC; i couldn’t achieve an more sub divisions so to get an more of a smoother landscape i had to shorten the sub-divisions to 250 x 250 then apply a smooth effect which would increase the sub-divisions by 50-60+.

Tuesday I wanted to take my modeling skills to the next level and challenge myself to how much detail and realism i can apply to my model’s, I opened Maya and the first thing that caught my eye was X-Gen, now i may be a Level 2 Games design student with maths and English to redo but that doesn’t mean I cant create good models and maybe program them to either move or be more amazing than they already are theoretically. so yet again I searched a tutorial on You Tube on how to get around the controls or ‘Basics’.

I watched a video where the XGen feature was applied to a low poly smooth model of tiger. Before the tool was applied to the model, a dialog box popped up with options on what kind of Splines would you like to apply to the model an example would be “Short spline’s”; this would be used to represent either short hair, grass or maybe other assets you could apply this spline to represent.

I thought of creating a small simple height map and then applying a short spline effect to the plane which would represent grass, i then used a grooming tool to create more a more random effect emphasizing the realism of my model. I finished the week learning two new assets to Maya which im sure to be using to create a more amazing model.