Whats my opinion: An Artist Masterpiece.

I’m here to explain about concept art, a very important process as it is the beginning of any idea. It strongly implies that the idea is visually possible to imagine and create just as characters are visually imagined by J.K Rowling.

My choice of concept art is from Bioware’s art director for dragon age inquisition Matthew Goldman, his work in my opinion shows immediate structure of his art and in addition; How he tells the story in his pieces.

Bioware’s Art Director ‘Matt Goldman’



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As you see, I have managed to pick out major section within the piece where the artist has managed to move the eyes of the viewer throughout the piece. So for example on this piece, Matthew has managed to go from the bottom right to the top left using the bridge to move along, the flames  and the mystical aura to lead the view upwards showing that there is much more than a battle going on.

From this, I can now figure out that it’s either a siege taking place or who ever is on the bridge is trying to get to the aura far up in the slopes of the mountains. I like this piece because of the invitation of danger is shows through color and placement of the artists perspective. Firstly, I have picked out that with green dominating around 90% of the composition. It’s showing to me that whatever is happening has completely covered the area with danger also giving there is fire rising from the towers, wind is battering the slopes shown from the movement of the cloth underneath the bridge.

Finally, I love how you could go two ways to figure out whats happening within the art. Either there is a siege or someone is going for whatever the mystical aura is as that by itself would look pretty nice and would attract many an eye.

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On this second piece, yet again the same forced eye movement is applied but with this; I find that there is a big place here for perspective to hint about the subjects matter in time. As we can see, the possible protagonist is walking towards the building being shown a salute from comrades. But at the same time, I have picked out that placing the camera beneath the subject implies that this specific person goes above all else in their importance to their cause.

My opinion on this piece is that it’s an amazing piece when you put it in contrast with others such as the battle scene and it has and in the case of what this character may be later in the story, but by itself with no comparison shows to be bleak in terms of inferring some aspects for instance what is happening? who are these people and why is there a dead guy on top of this castle? or is he even dead?

So many questions which can be a good thing but leaving too many holes in the sail means you’re not getting that far.

Meanwhile, we notice in comparison to the previous piece we looked at. Obviously the environment is more calmer, colors are wider in choice yet slightly washed due to the artists thought in the warmth in light coming into the equation. This has also been used by photo restoration artists which I have a video about which you can view below.

It’s a different topic entirely but the methods come hand in hand.


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