What now? The long road to making cool things.

Now I have finished college , I ask myself “what to do?” new projects maybe, trying to expand onto other fields such as programming in C#, Java or even c++ given the recent trend in those other languages popularities.

So after the recent synoptic project, it has come to my attention that now I have some free time on my hands; it also presents the best opportunity to dive deep into the programming world and I have a few recourses I can choose from such as the Unity Q&A Forums, Brackeys (YouTube) and also GamesplusJames (Also YouTube). With all that together, I can create some cool effects and also learn the basics of programming during now till September when I hope to go to University. That been said I do have other things going on in my life … I can’t be stuck behind a keyboard for ever I’ll go mad.

Packing, Planning, Finance, Job searching and the odd night out socializing with friends can’t go a miss… maybe the odd tattoo if I have the time or the money… anyhow!

As far as projects go, I have decided to make my own from scratch and see how far it takes me. Might even take this onto university as one big project; the project name being grid runner and the basic draft of it being.

I wonder how many places I can go with this thing, this came from Back to the future. Different worlds… well… different times but you get the idea I hope. From the quiet estates in America to the Wild West. Thinking of this made me think, I could create so many environments alongside creating a cool game. Might not even be a game, could simply be a driving simulator further taken on as something else depending on how others will take it…

speaking of which…

On the day of writing this blog I was thinking about getting two ideas and letting my friends decide on a poll posted via Instagram story. The decisions being either the Wild west or a snowy mountain range. Not too bad and they both invite many different challenges such as creating environments, creating portals & what I am mostly looking forward to, creating the post processing & VFX to make it look as cool as possible.

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I have made a few simple buildings & a basic portal so the player has an idea of where to go and how they can progress throughout their experience. I will start with movement of the car, still trying to get to grips with how the car stays on the track ‘Without flipping over!’.

Finally I have discovered the power of ‘shader graphs’ in Unity 2018.1/.2 and will be going further into that later on and hopefully if I get the results I expect and hoping it is easy to learn as time goes on.

Unity shader Graph- Preview
Unity 2018 Shader Graph Preview

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