Block animation in the industry

When starting an animation, you will have to take into consideration the pipeline of development from beginning to end and for animators to do this they have to start with either one of two methods and this is how I will lead on to the main subject of this blog which is the use of block you will have to animation within the games, animation and film industry.

The first step in the pipeline of develpment is to either drawer out concepts for a storyboard of your scene which can make it visually easier and better to tell the story you are trying to show. These drawings must match up with positioning of characters or effects and also the position of the camera within the scene and the frame.

Another way to start developing animation for the characters on scene is to actually go out, rehearse and act the specific actions which the characters will undergo during the animation regardless of camera movements. The aim is to simply get the key poses for the characters on the timeline and to also find out how long this scene will take and this is why I block animation lends a hand.

By using the method of block animation, animators can analyse those key poses and place them specifically where they should be when they should occur. And with use of the graph editor tool in Maya animators can fine tune the movement of the animation and this means going into such detail as the X Y and Z axis also known as the ‘vector movements’.

  • Vector 3 – X, Y, Z ‘Axis’
  • Vector 2 – X, Y
  • Vector 1 – X

As soon as block animation is finished the movement of the characters is then made to be smooth and given a more natural look to them. So basically hand movements and footwork will look more natural have more Curve/arc and anticipation which are a few of the many principles of animation that I have learnt over this year.

I have been working on and IDent which either promotes myself or the next gen course, I was told to put the block animation method into practice which I did but didn’t find it easier to use as some of my tangent Lines why not being ‘blocked or stepped’, this made it incredibly hard to add efficient timing into my work and also made the animation design seem a lot more harder to work with. I finally chose to not use block animation and therefore cube with the smooth estimated movement which Maya calculated for me and then fine tune the animation movement later if needed.

Blocked and stepped – a method used to show key poses of a character or scene without estimating movement within frames of those poses. Keeping animation very clean and organised.

Throughout the time learning about block animation, I have realised the benefits and drawbacks of using this method such as timing, preparation between key poses and making it either easier or harder to animate a character step by step to give it more natural looks and movements.