Analysis of Video game design…

Mario Galaxy

When it came to multi platforms, unique puzzles and basically the most beautiful looking aesthetics which a game can offer. Mario galaxy never ceases to step up to the mark…

Mario Galaxy has an amazing ability to invite non gamers to join in and be introduced into the world of gaming, Nintendo sets out to create an environment which is basically a step-by-step tutorial on what to do, what you can do and what not to do. For example, if you see a ferocious looking fly trap looking plant jump out from a pipe then you must have the simple instinct to avoid it and this decision will tend to carry on throughout the game. Furthermore, if crystals give you cool powers… then now you know to try to get as many as possible.

Example of use in crystals.


On the other hand, the game lets you to your own devices to eventually let you figure out both the controls and the whole concept of either the level and the story. Sometimes, it’s the environmental atmospherics of the game which can determine what is good or bad, right or wrong…


In conclusion, super Mario galaxy is a well thought out game which introduces and shows an excessive need for the player to use their head to complete tasks and manoeuvre through the game. Furthermore, later instalments of the franchise give an indication that developers at Nintendo intend to give this game a wider range of game mechanics alongside keeping with the old game characteristics.


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