Progress Update

Thursday 12th November


Photoshop is still all natural to me, i usually use it in my spare time. Editing photos that i took during the weekend or other photos that I think will look cool, work based, the skills during my free time are being applied to my other forms of work such as textures in Maya and flash… In my vision, it’s all just trial and error also exploring other alternatives, or use my current resources to maybe get passed a difficult task.

Autodesk Maya

The same applies here, I have come away from basic extrusion and moved slowly towards the texturing side of 3D modeling, since i have had some experience from the first lesson… I took that on board and advanced further with it, by doing this i have managed to not only apply visible textures, I can also apply bump mapping to all textures. this would require some editing on Photoshop. Today was mostly based on applying textures, but to a 3D polygon cube. This seemed easy to show but to actually do it took some work mostly involving Photoshop.


Unity was a slight change of 3D background, in terms of interface, programming and other features. It was quite hard to get used to but the one thing that stuck out the most is the light that has been built-in the engine start-up. we started by watching some of our tutors you tube videos based on the basics of the engine and how to code basic movements into objects that I choose. A lot of this was down to coding, but this time it was easy that’s because our tutor was willing to give us the main engine components… this would prevent us coding from scratch, a kind of simpler version of coding. still we would have to type everything in but it was no trouble at the end.


Like Unity i’m getting used to the coding side of flash, this is because of our tutor giving us access to the coding engine already done to keep the coding short and simple. I’m starting to struggling with the art aspect of flash, remembering when to start the conversion of symbols.  This habit of forgetting is creating mistakes with the coding, I should now look at the instances before i apply code to them.


2D Design – Photoshop


Now i like 2-D design as much as the next designer or gamer alike but the coding is still a big hindrance in the back of my mind therefor i think its a lot easier to start with the Photoshop and get help with coding later on. in our recent lesson we got told to make 2 games, one on Adobe Flash 2014 CC and another on Photoshop CC 2014 which required no coding I find it easier in terms of art form whilst on Photoshop, this is because of the recent lessons we have had experience with Pixel design, this now makes it easier for me to design and make the levels of this game.

overall i find the art side of making a 2-D game easy, but the coding i still need to get to grips with.