2D Design – Coding

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.22.19 AM Wednesday 22nd October 2015

6th week in and I’m still struggling to code my game through the actions module on adobe flash. There was a video placed on before we got to code, teaching us the basics for starting to code the game from the ground up. We therefore applied these set of skills to our own individual projects. at the start I found it easy, but then suddenly became intertwined in problems with naming different actions and events in the code itself, this lead me into many problems. Even though I asked for help, I realized later that there was a flaw in my skills as a game designer.

In contrast the art of the project was coming on great, considering that I lost one of the main fonts used in the games main navigation system, this lead me to believe that I would have to re-shift all of the necessary assets to make the game seem simple to the user/Player.

overall the week has been pretty interesting, improvements are being made in my knowledge about the games industry and the 3-D art of Modeling. I will move on with this in another blog but for now, getting the code mastered will bring me a huge advantage in my efforts to be a better designer in the 2-D area of game design and maybe other areas of game design, VFX (Visual Effects) and Animation.