Synoptic Project: Something visually new for gameplay.

I have tried to make gameplay easier for a player to follow; To do this I could do many things environmentally.

Light leading, sound, linear design, breadcrumb method (I’ll get to that later) etc.

But instead I wanted to try something new and introduce myself to the world of video effects in unity. So I went about researching how to play videos in unity as maybe a transparent floating icon to help the player understand the mechanics visually.

So I went about creating the icons first and foremost, it came in many different forms but I settled mostly around this design with a few tweaks.


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What its like doing 2D animation in After Effects.

Now that lovely looking chap there is me… still on my placement and was in full swing of recapping my storyboard for my 2D project for an in-house client. And it’s to basically create a full animated ‘How to’ video which to everyone sounds easy.

Honestly, I now know how they do it so well.

It’s not just by simply creating a composition and getting on with it, it takes a little bit of prep before hand. And this is what I am doing in the photo.

Let’s take a closer Look…

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Getting to grips with animation & Motion Graphics.

Since my synoptic pitch I have strongly come to grips with how to use animation and more of the fundamentals such as squash & stretch, composition, anticipation etc.

Wednesday just gone, I was to create a birthday celebration template like that of Facebook’s, but obviously with my own twist.

With my laptop being able to only handle 2d motion graphics, I seemed more comfortable with the task I was given. Firstly I started by setting some placeholders to figure out where the rest of the assets will appear at the end of the animation.

But it’s not just about coming in and starting a piece requested by a client, it’s also following through with the client on a project to make sure their views are being visually shown to their standards. This also links in with Pre-Production and I will touch up on this on another blog relating to the upcoming Synoptic project.

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Last night I was trying to find a film to watch whilst I was chilling and having a snack. As I looked through the list of movies, my eye caught Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ I immediately thought that this should be good as Finding Nemo was a dear childhood memory and my first ever 3D animation movie alongside Monsters Inc.

Yet again, another top-notch movie by Pixar!

As the movie began, I saw the whole meaning of the movie unfold. An introduction to Dory’s parents show that Dory is not just any fish which appeared in Finding Nemo. Instead Dory is a very peculiar fish with a memoir and she is someone who has been brought down, shut out from her life and social interaction with other fish due to her ‘short term memory’. And throughout the beginning, I was intrigued by the small hints which surround her, sparking her memory and rebuilding what she set out to initially find.

Later on, I found shots of the movie which I can strongly connect to Finding Nemo, such as the shipwreck scene, seeing this made me infer that Pixar must have had thought about what fans could recollect and relate to predecessor Finding Nemo. The meeting in between protagonists and the menacing octopus left behind means if communication where as Bruce was more chatty and had more tied up personality when you’re supposed to see a shark as a killer without mercy. My point is that I saw a moment of flash back with the octopus scene even though both movies show different build-ups and different threats towards the moment of each scene.

Finally, throughout the movie. Alongside all the familiar faces of Mr. Ray, Marlin and Nemo. We have the new fresh set of new faces of Hank, Destiny, Bailey, Charlie and Jenny. I loved this idea as it created more story within the movie and more connection between characters, furthermore. I enjoyed the many different personalities which had been implemented by the writers to give a wider range of emotions over all character that I think keeps the movie interesting and engaging.

And to conclude … this movie is brilliantly set out to succeed its predecessor and can also enrich and introduce a new generation to follow through with Pixars legacy of moviemaking and story telling.