Game Project: Victim of Valor (Update)

Easter is here and after a long and stressful time working throughout the college term, I thought it would be a good time to take a small break (Playing battlefield 4 for an hour). Anyway, I have just came back from a long day with my girlfriend and now writing to update you on my current project named Victim of Valor which i have been creating for 2/3 weeks now.

Last time I spoke about this game I included that i had a team brought in to give a hand in the development process which was kinda hard considering there was a debate on names and where the story would progress from where we left off which obviously i cant tell you guys yet due to any spoilers.

On Wednesday during 2D lecture, my tutor told me about something called the Bafta YGD (Young Game Designers) which is basically a competition where you sign up your game project and could possibly win a Bafta in either the Young Game Designers category or The Tutors award or something like that… I’m still taking this into consideration because the game can only be entered if I have a team of 3 or as a singular entrant. Therefor I can either enter myself and take the “Possible award” for my team or wait intil next time and develop the game further.

Back to development of the game, It’s coming along fine. Just tweaking the last mechanics of the UI (User interface) then start creating more harder, longer and even enemy infested level’s. Also asking other peers of friends what they would like to see in the game. I get feedback such as, “Add boost during game-play” or “Have a twist so the player feels more ‘tied into the story line'”. I can find all feedback good even if there is something i come across that is totally irrelevant.

For now I can balance my time with coding my game then create some picture based scenes like in Diablo 3 but obviously not a awesome haha

I have some extracts of the scenes from the games story.


Flash AS3 game: Victim of Valor

Victim of Valor,

Now Logo, New name, new story and with a team that I have hand picked myself has been brought in to work alongside me in the development of this game which I hope can shine a light on what the level 2 Games design course can do.

Alex Heckles – Alex was my first port of call to work on the game after i saw him create a game with his team that went on to be pitched for an assessment, when i saw the game, i was intrigued if what he and a few others can do when the same mindset can be collaborative.

Wesley Bainbridge – ‘Wes’ was in the same team alongside Alex when the pitch was a go, he has a distinct way of reaching out to people when there is either a problem or an idea that pops into mind. I have also chosen Wes because of his skill to code and the fact that me and him can collaborate and give support through the coding process.

Connor Glendenning – Connor was a recommendation from Alex when i asked him if he wanted to join in on the project “You should ask Connor, he is a good story writer”, I asked if he would be interested then gave him the basics of what the story was about. I believed and trusted Alex’s judgment that Connor can come up with something creative and inspiring for this game.

I believe that with the team I have and the enthusiasm that we hold, we can make a better and more exiting game that could inspire other people to follow on from what we are doing. Finally, I would like to see this game be looked at by someone who could take it on and make something out of it, which I can stay optimistic about but overall… I just wanna make something cool that someone could see and say “Wow ! This is a great game”.

Spaceship Model Assessment/Flash AS3 Game (Dodge)

Maya Spaceship model

After many weeks of theory in each aspect of games design Level 2 which was painstaking mentally, we have managed to start creating something. For 3D lessons, we started to gather concepts pictures from different types of sci-fi related TV shows, blockbuster movies or video games both old and new. Then we had do draw up and illustrate a spaceship draft which all had a specific feature that we grabbed from each of our concept picture research. I have made a powerpoint presentation on each ship i had chosen, then proceeded to explain why I chose the ships i did for example, I like the Light jet from TRON: Legacy because of its thin and elegant design followed by the inverted tail wings on the back of the ship. Moving over to the drafting and drawing side of the project, I have already drawn up a ship for one of my 3D models. I now either need to apply this to a physical 3D model constructed in Maya or draw up more designs to branch out my options.jayScan004.jpg

Flash AS3 Project

Following on from that week, we had got back into the world of C# based code in Flash AS3 only this time I actually improved on my coding skills, these are mostly more knowledge of terms, animation and timeline usage & how to add different features by recycling the code I either used in previous projects or in the current code I was using. For example:

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.58.46 PM.pngI had the player movement written down, but also wanted the player to know how many lives he/she had left, therefore I had to find out how to apply the dynamic text to the player or make it follow with the same speed or movement.

I firstly looked at the PLAYER movement and thought ‘what if I copy the movement of the player and change the instance name to the name of the feedback?’. Bending the rules by asking a question to myself until i found an idea… a little something from industry class I learnt.Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.05.09 PM 1.png

Secondly after copying the player movement, I had to change all of the asset names but make sure that the movement of both the feedback and the player were exact. This would, therefore follow and move with the player but only when I control the player.

When I finally written the code in the right way and tested it, I was jumping for joy of how I had done this without any help. i then thought if I can do this with health, imagine what other things I could to make this game better. I followed the same method and tried to create a multiplayer… shamefully this was proving to be with more of a challenge because when I tested the game, the camera was still following the first player and leaving the other one behind.