2D Solo game Week 1

Further venturing through the paths of game design and coding my way through the basics of my top down stealth game.

I start by creating my assets first, such as a protagonist ‘main character’, walls, enemy, a backdrop for my game, all I need now is a goal and I can reach further development. I create my assets all on Adobe Photoshop. By using the brush tool and tampering with the brush settings, I can give out better fake lights on the assets giving out a 3 Dimensional look without altering the lighting of the scene nor the renderer.

Brush settings tool

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Beginning my development on Unity, I made the mistake by selecting the game to be a 3D game, I had to therefore change the camera to ‘orthographic’ so of can therefore render the sprite images all together.

To conclude this blog I have also considered having a feature where the player must collect a specific object to therefore pass except the first stage which the player should be able to get to grips with the controls and the environment around him/her.


This piece of code is for a projectiles script which in simpler terms means ‘When shooting each bullet has two seconds until it is dead’, sounds odd… Bullets don’t die, but it does cease to exist after leaving the screen from source  within two seconds.

Robot Design

This blog is to show my current work for the robot design which has also introduced me into more features embedded into Photoshop. I started with looking at specific robot sketches on pinterest and taken interest with the design of which I can bring into my own sketches.

I first started with the basic measurement sketches where I can start looking at how big each, portion of the robot will be throughout the drawing. This can massively help me to plan forward and prevent hitting a brick wall during the main outline of the character.

measurement Sketch


The main outline of the character was filled around the measurement sketches so I can therefore make sure that I can plan out what can be added. This can also give me a guide to what I can exaggerate and keep real to an extent. As you can see the shoulders are really exaggerated in comparison to the feet which looks more relatable to the characters primary mass.


Measuring + Outline


I then move on to colouring, I start with the primary colour of the robot covering the entire drawing. By doing this, I can overlay this colour and not needing to worry about asking mistakes to the base colour of the robot, to make sure I have no mistakes and I can go back to where I have come from. I make external assets such as eyes on different layers and the shading on another additional layer.

Colouring & Shading

City Scape Final piece

Finally finished the city scape art piece which I had to complete and this is the final version.

Final Version

My final changes such as adding more depth into the clouds and randomized windows had been recommended by my tutor so I went out and done exactly that alongside other additional re-adjustments. Firstly I added many more adjustment layers to make some extra effects especially one with came across as a surprise to me as I applied the adjustment layer with the mask over the top of a specific layer.


This small screenshot I took is a representation of what had been done to the adjustment layers to create this surprising new effect making the lighting of my City scape a lot more cartoon like, now… as you can see, both of the layer masks have been edited with the black brush tool to act as an eraser to wipe away the effect in a specified position. This has been used to create the semi-transparent smoke effect about the city.

The image on the right shows an outline effect which can be seen in video games such as Crackdown where the outline cartoon effects is shown which may infer that Realtime Worlds wanted this effects to make character and buildings easier to see.

Overall, I am really proud of this project as I can advance on my Photoshop skills to further become better at concept art in many other art styles.

City Scape art Peice

Todays blog will be a mix between 3D in Maya with art in Photoshop. Firstly we were made to create a scene like a reference we were given on a YouTube video ‘Atomic Puppets’.

The Images below are both made to resemble a burning city in an apocalyptic world, but unlike real cities. This one had to look cartoonish and wacky. So we therefore made a city scape in Autodesk Maya, mostly had to copy and past most of the buildings to create more of an effect in the final version of the render.

Maya Render W/Photoshop Edits
Atomic Puppets Intro


The wacky bend effect which you can see on the top of the buildings, are created by using the lattice effect which surrounds the object in a net which you can modify and create that bend shape an example which is shown below. Now I got told to do this at the very end of the modelling process as the effect would be greater with all assets present for the effect to be at its greatest I find it funny because the bend effect reminds me that of the houses of whoville out of ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas’.

I will be continuing with this art project as time goes on alongside other upcoming projects such as the Christmas game I am to make with a group of 9 and I will also be blogging about during the course of development.


3D Spaceship

Moving on to 3D modelling, a very familiar aspect of my work which is currently revolving around creating a spaceship. And a way better one that we initially built for our final 3D assignment in Level 2, I started with a basic Cube polygon; extruded & elongated to expand upon on either face to therefore create the basic shape of the ship. I then proceeded to extrude further and later on create the more detailed shape of the ship. To do this I use the Tri/Quadrangulate tool to therefore add a smoother edge to the wings.

Now obviously all of this sounds complicated to the untrained eye, alternatively most would this this sounded fairly easy to carry out… it wasn’t. I had problems with rendering and still as I write this blog I have a problem with texturing the hull of the ship due to the ‘Back-face culling accidentally being on during the poly face selection process. Silly mistake which can be learned over time.shiprnd2

Now I am overseeing the final developments by tracking different renders which I have analysed to get the most realistic yet vibrant image to suit my models background. Initially, I had problems with rendering because of the ‘Mental Ray’ package becoming lost therefore I couldn’t see the full potential of anti-alising and the glow effects from the ships engines. Finally, I can say that there is much more to be added such as either weaponry and maybe something which could make this project stick out from the rest.

Friday 30th September

Back to class with Matt working on Maya and those little features which I longed to find out how to work have finally appeared. Features such as mirroring, Mirror Shading which I mostly used as a re-correction to any faulty texturing on the cockpit, engines and other assets which I have created.

Furthermore, I have also discovered that the quad/Triangulation should not be used unless absolutely necessary. That is because I would give myself a bigger job of actually texturing it and more harder to fix if a polygon is out of place. Now I have tried a taught method which involves selecting separate faces then reduce the poly count by simply going (Ctrl + Delete). This is the best way of going about cleaning up models as you can see by these wireframes below.

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Now I will agree that the wings still need some massive re-adjustments but besides that. I think with the new tool that I have, My models will look a lot cleaner and better both aesthetically and performance based.

The progression of character design

I have been getting more into depth of character design as lessons go by, previously I had a new perspective of how to start the creation of a video game character but now i realise that most of the time, literally doing doodles can be one of the most powerful idea generators alongside being a great start to any character design.

The image in this blog shows three character silhouettes which are all made by doodles that have been modified with erasers, pencils & warp transformation tool. So overall it just goes to show that you don’t need to be the next Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo to create a stunning world or a very complex character.

Finally, the characters above are the final product of a silhouette form as they will be modifies to look more like a finished product, I am thinking about either shading or adding colour… we will have to see as time goes on.

Game Project: Victim of Valor (Update)

Easter is here and after a long and stressful time working throughout the college term, I thought it would be a good time to take a small break (Playing battlefield 4 for an hour). Anyway, I have just came back from a long day with my girlfriend and now writing to update you on my current project named Victim of Valor which i have been creating for 2/3 weeks now.

Last time I spoke about this game I included that i had a team brought in to give a hand in the development process which was kinda hard considering there was a debate on names and where the story would progress from where we left off which obviously i cant tell you guys yet due to any spoilers.

On Wednesday during 2D lecture, my tutor told me about something called the Bafta YGD (Young Game Designers) which is basically a competition where you sign up your game project and could possibly win a Bafta in either the Young Game Designers category or The Tutors award or something like that… I’m still taking this into consideration because the game can only be entered if I have a team of 3 or as a singular entrant. Therefor I can either enter myself and take the “Possible award” for my team or wait intil next time and develop the game further.

Back to development of the game, It’s coming along fine. Just tweaking the last mechanics of the UI (User interface) then start creating more harder, longer and even enemy infested level’s. Also asking other peers of friends what they would like to see in the game. I get feedback such as, “Add boost during game-play” or “Have a twist so the player feels more ‘tied into the story line'”. I can find all feedback good even if there is something i come across that is totally irrelevant.

For now I can balance my time with coding my game then create some picture based scenes like in Diablo 3 but obviously not a awesome haha

I have some extracts of the scenes from the games story.