Feedback on progress.

We’re in the midst of the 6th week at the moment and personally, I’m really struggling to keep up with the change of ideas for different assets and the spawn of new ideas.

I have found that communications have slightly gone adrift as I find myself coming to the conclusion that the entire team including myself find it hard to come from realistic textures, art etc.

So to change this, I have taken the time to do some R&D on stylized textures; taking inspiration from games such as Overwatch, paladins, Disney Infinity,  Pixar and so on. What software to use and most importantly, how to make a pipeline for this within a couple of days.

Feedback specifically states:

You are behind – some task have taken longer, people are putting extra work in to catch up and sacrifices may be made.


From this I was thinking, the MVP may not be even a solid outcome if we don’t pull out and crack on with creating assets asap. Yet again, this makes me extremely worried since were nearly halfway through the project and still going through block outs and touching on code.

Burndown Chart

Above is the burn down chart currently being recorded from week 5 which I will update on Friday 16th, I update at the end of every week so I have a summary of what people have done alongside following the asset sheet with completed days.

For me to contribute more to the project, I’m going to need to research extra code. Block out the puzzles to thus make them activate the other doors. Recycle code in order to expand the challenge alongside easing the player into the game.

Granted the game looks good in blocking but only if we all can solidify the art style of the game entirely alongside myself putting more time into programming, then personally I can see a good product being made in these next few weeks.



Synoptic Project: Something visually new for gameplay.

I have tried to make gameplay easier for a player to follow; To do this I could do many things environmentally.

Light leading, sound, linear design, breadcrumb method (I’ll get to that later) etc.

But instead I wanted to try something new and introduce myself to the world of video effects in unity. So I went about researching how to play videos in unity as maybe a transparent floating icon to help the player understand the mechanics visually.

So I went about creating the icons first and foremost, it came in many different forms but I settled mostly around this design with a few tweaks.


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Synoptic: Filling out the tutorial room.

It’s coming to the end of week 5 and we’re now in full control of our slippery slide from last week. With the burn down chart completed and updated, development can now go into full swing; lets start with Unity and all of its bits and bob’s.

Firstly, we now have a working mechanic that opens the door when the button comes on collision with another object such as a ball (that was actually set specifically). This was used by the animator window which I’m yet to understand as I needed some assistance coming into this entirely new tool.

It works by having an animation made to a specific object then, placing it within the animator depending on when you want said animation to occur or what you want it to be played in connection with or have connections for that matter.

Animator page
Animator showing open and closed states

I then proceeded to start the code with the help of the tutor as I had no idea how to link the animator and a C# script together. And this was the final outcome…

Pressure activated door.

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Synoptic: Planning 3D assets for game.

We have just came into week 5 of our synoptic project and there have been a few bumps that have had to be smoothed over but Ill get to that later.

Firstly, we have started making progress on asset creation on such things as the main character, torches, boulders; simple assets that don’t require much either programming or texturing thus can be used as placeholder assets until we can come out and polish the assets up.

I have spoke with the team and clarified that now I have to finish blocking the rest of the world due to our pre-production still showing amber for 2D/3D blocking. I am very concerned about the mindset of project lead, I get the hint that somehow there are cloudy ideas slows the project down.

Nevertheless, I plunder on with what I’m to do. I have completely re-done the burn down chart for the project as it was completely presented different from what it was supposed to. And now I see that we have a lot of ground to make up from last week.

For now I’m working on the last of the blocking for the treasure room which marks the finish of the game. For this to work, creating blocks mimicking the pillars would have to be set in place for the whole world to be set in scale as this specific area is semi outdoor temple.Temple