Keeping players comfortable & Wrapping up Pre-Production

Firstly, I would like to start this blog by saying

‘This is not easy to explain, yet again what is…’

Here is some back story, since I’m tech lead A.k.a programming and all the complicated stuff. I’m required to research game flows and how to implement that into the project.

That also means finding a way to make sure that the player feels comfortable playing the game hence keeping all of the main building blocks of gameplay in mind, take Mario for example. When Nintendo make Mario, doesn’t matter how late the player is in joining the franchise they’re always eased into the game with a series of tutorial levels that just seem to be either subtle reminders or testing the waters lets say.

First, its basics such as movement, then the use of the camera to further see the environment the game is set in. And interaction which in my opinion is paramount as we are making a game immersion is everything in all honesty…

Currently I am tweaking the character movement by linking in keyboard/Mouse, Xbox & PlayStation controller Inputs. Looks like a large pill to swallow but if I were to succeed at it, to but it bluntly. I’d be dam proud of myself.

Anyway, Pre-production is going well, I’m going over the last of my charts and communicating with project lead to see what I can do during the week off. Also working on my own spreadsheets to keep myself up to date with what I’ll be doing over the coming months.

I check the asset list provided through the google page, and see what I have to do for the project programming wise currently then given the situation where I have all that completed later and earlier, I can then move onto some 3D Art / Modeling ‘Same thing just worded differently’.

Asset List for the game
Excel Spreadsheet
Self Production Schedule

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