Self Portrait

Few lessons into flash and we are getting back into the basics of flash, primitive shapes and the little features which lie inside of tools peppered around the UI.

Firstly we were given 5-10 minutes to complete a full image of whatever came into our minds, I thought of the first scene of Halo 4 where master chief is talking to Cortana on how to escape the wreckage of their ship. Now creating something in that amount of time is basically saying ‘Throw shapes on a canvas on and make something out of it’. So I got a reference image up of that specific scene and tried my best to create an image to show

Master Chief.png
Master Chief (Adobe Animate)
Actual Image

may be happening and who was their, this was the result.

After practicing with the basic primitive shapes, we then had a discussion about the different tools to refresh memory which to me seems not necessary but I thought that it would be just to make sure I never forgotten anything. Thankfully I still had all of the tools memorized alongside most of the keyboard shortcuts which I had learned in a digital course with Shaw Academy.

Nearing to the end of the lesson, we started to create ‘Self Portraits’ to practice what we already have learned and to add to our portfolio. With the tools and shortcuts learned, I finished the portrait to either add detail or tweak some lines, Lights and maybe add a tiny body to make the whole project seem comical and cool with a final ‘Fallout Touch’.

Final Portrait





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